Covered Note Pad and Matching Card

Hey guys...Id thought make a post tonight and let you guys know how everything is going...
As you know I have a baby girl on the way...due to some complications im on best rest until
she decides to come on I have been crafting and adding things to my ETSY shop like a
madd woman. I have also been spending time with Morgan. She has been my baby girl
for the past 3 years....will I know how to share the time and attention ??

Well I have been creating some things to send as gift...of sell if anyone wants them...

I mad this Note Pad and Card Set to show case some new butterflies that I have to put in my shop. The butterflies have aluminum roses on them...i thought they were so cute...
maybe tomorrow.

I also made some white ones with beaded centers and pretty...i need to make more colors.

Well Thank you guys for stopping by. Stop By my etsy shop and let me know your ideas...Do you like my stuff?? i guess that would be the question of the day !!!! GOOD NIGHT !!! Talk to you soon