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resent cards are above

Hello blog world !
I guess you can say than i am going into a depression !
Yesterday for the first time in my entire life i made myself vomit after
i ate dinner.
i feel so terrible.
i hide so much in side and it is turning for the worst !
Ive been thinking about doing again but it hurt so much.
don't know if it hurt from knowing that i can really damage myself by doing this
or from the fact that vomiting just hurts.

On a more happier note
i have been learning a lot from the ladies on the cricut MB.
So thank you to those creative ppl.
the next thing that i want to learn how to do is color with the chalk and inks.
and i need to get my hands on some stamps ! lol
anyway i have not weight myself in about 2 weeks
and i have not done any exercise in about a week.

so that is that !

Hopefully i will get out of the "FUNK" and return to my normal self soon !