Match Box Remake !!!

So, I was looking through an issue an of the Stamper's Success magazine that us demos get each month and I came across tons of inspiration... the one thing that caught my eye was a match was decorated so beautifully !!! Now, i don't own that big shot i had to try and recreate first I tried to weld and shape something in cricut Design Studio but i got nothing..then me and my DH put our brains together and came up with some measurements...he is my go to guy when i need after a few mess up's and redo's I had figured it here it is...
I made a card and put some cough drops in the box for my boss...she isn't feeling well so i hope this helps...I will do a video on how to make this box this weekend....I hope you guys like !!!


  1. What a great set for your boss! My husband also happens to be my go to person for these types of configurations. Beth


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