Paper Cutz Challenge #3

This weeks challenge was very fun...but i had to think about was a 1, 2, 3 challenge !
1 ribbon(easy)
2 colors (easy)
3 buttons(???)

I am glade I had buttons on hand. Very simple card ! Hope you guys like it !!

These are a few items I made as desk stationary ! The small magazine holder is actually a hamburger helper box that i covered. It was super easy. Inside i put some note pad paper. The things that I've got my tools in are green bean cans. I covered them with patterned paper and put a lining of pink paper on the inside...they turned out really cute don't you think ?? When i get my new big desk in my craft area my colors are going to be brown, pink, and lime green.


  1. DeNetra, I love this card!! Pink and brown together is one of my favorite color combinations. Your bow is perfect! I need to make some thank you cards and if you don't mind, I'm going to "lift" this one.
    Thanks so much for being on the team!!

  2. no problem Mary ! Lift all you'd like...i thik this size is 6x12 folded in half...wierd size i know. thank you !!! i used to be bad ( i mean bad) at bows but i have gotten better but you know there is always that one ribbon that dont turn the way you want it LOL. i could talk to you for when the kids are down for nap i have nothing but my thoughts the computer at work and my scetch pad. i have been drawing up plans for a christmas paper pack and embellishments. i know its early for christmas but that holiday always comes up soo fast...last year i hand cut ALL the decorations but that was the year i got my more hand cut bells and candy canes i am so excited about that fact...anyway this turned out too long. i have listen to pat benetar twice(love is a battlefield) ttyl !!!!

  3. Hey DeNetra! You are going to have fun making decorations now that you have your Cricut!

    I have something for you over at my blog (cardzforu)!

  4. I have something for you at my blog

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