I used Home acc cart for all the glitter images...love this glitter paper...target
the bride and groom are fom SYI at 11 1/2. i cut it again to put on the back...to hide all the ugly glue gun stuff..

all the faux diamond parts are from an old bracelet that broke...it was cheap so i didnt mind cutting it up

for the rings i embossed some paper with gold embossing powder. i used wire (it was in the garage so i have no idea where it came from) to hot glue the imaegs on and them stuck them in styrofoam..
covered that in felt and that mesh fabric that you see...
this was alot to type

in i hope you guys like this it didnt take very long...i am sure that the happy couple will love it...well at least the bride LOL.


(sorry that the pics are backwards)