cards ive made

Crafts are above

Hello, i have been dieting very well
been very tired so no exercise today or yesterday.
But im going to get back in the groove.
My bff's little girl is have an first bday party. i told here that i would do her
hair. ( my bff's hair) so she wants me to spend the night so we wont have to rush to get things
done before the party. i dont want to spend the night cause i need to clean
my house and im in the card making mood. plus her place is sooo uncomfortable.
i dont want to hurt her feelings by saying no. but i dont want her to be running around
getting things ready for the party plus comeing to get me. i dont know what to do.
got finals this week thatnk GOD. i need a little break from school. only if i can get a break from work now that would be pure heaven...well one more day bring on the weekend