Another Night Alone

Crafts from today are above. very simple. it kept me busy.

Yesterday i got my hair done. I like it . Its okay.
I did a lot of walking yesterday. about 2 hrs. total
For break fast I ate Oatmeal 8oz of water
Lunch Turkey burger 8 oz of water
and no dinner wasn't hungry. 8 oz of water

This morning i weighed 185.
On march 9, 2009 I was 189.
On march 16, 2009 i was 187.

Today for breakfast I ate Oatmeal (half a bottle of water.)
For lunch chicken breast and baked potato. 8 oz of water
Dinner not hungry. (again)
worked out for 25 minutes this morning.

So i am making some progress. Working out makes a big difference.