Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone | 5 Items Every Mom Needs In Her Closet

As  I hit 30 last year I realized I wasn't as old as I thought. LOL. I dreaded 30 so much. I felt like I was supposed to be this older woman with a different view on life and super strict and never have fun. Cause lets face it, fun was for my twenties. Right? Wrong. I was so wrong. 30 didn't have to mean "old". Now approaching 31, I feel younger than ever.  Since being in this "old" woman mind set I thought for sure that I was too old to be wearing ripped jeans and other trendy items. So, I despised them. Until I saw a few ladies my age and beyond on Instagram wearing them and I thought, "yup, I'm going to wear ripped jeans too"! I watched a DIY video and got out some jeans that were too big for me and I altered them. They are too cute. So, I feel like I should totally step out side of my comfort zone and live a little on the edge, I said a little. I'm still a vintage girl at heart.

Here I am in my new "hip" ripped jeans and a l…

How To Stay Positive by Changing What You're Listening To | Best Podcasts For Positivity

I believe that our attitude in the start of the day will be the set up for the rest of our day. How are you starting your day off? Is it started off  by a horrid sounding alarm? A negative news report? Screaming to the kids to get up because you are late? I would hope that you've woken up to something pleasant. Something uplifting. You may say to yourself "that's not realistic". It could be. It should be.  I think we should all be changing what we are listening to in the start of our day and throughout the day. Below are my favorite Podcasts to listen to. And a YouTube Channel.

These podcasts have all given me a push to shoot for my dreams, some let me know that as a mom, I am not alone, God loves me no matter what. They all teach something and uplift me through the day. They give interviews of people that never gave up on their dreams or goals. Pep Talks and more.
In no particular order I've linked my current listening party.

1. Joyce Myer Ministries TV
2. The L…

Home Improvements on a Budget | Easy Home Upgrades

Does anyone else like home improvement shows? I know I do. I love HGTV and that's basically all the TV I watch. After my Husband and I recently purchased our home I was so excited to be able to paint without getting permission from the landlord! Although perfect as is,  I wanted to add new flooring and make some windows bigger. I even want to gut the master bathroom. I had to catch my breath and hold my horses cause all hubby saw was $$$ LOL

So, I figured we'd start small. There are some things that we could do that wont break the bank while still adding a little pizazz.

Here are some easy and fun ways to improve your home on a budget.

1. Get New Door Knobs

2. Upgrade Kitchen Cabinet Hardware 

3. Paint a Room
4. Floating Shelves 

5. Re-Grout Tile. I found a tutorial on Home Depot that is easy to follow. Click HERE

6.Get New House Numbers  

7. Bathroom Hardware 

8. Window Treatments
9. Plant Flowers.
10. New Garage Door Hardware

Although this list could get longer as I pond…

How to Stay Positive by Showing Love to Others | Easy DIY | Gift Ideas

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” — Maya Angelou
Sometimes, we find ourselves in a slump and we don't know why. We can also allow the moods of others to bring us down. In return we unleash that negativity on others. And so, the cycle continues.  I believe in the power of giving. Giving of time, smiles, kind words a gift maybe.  I also understand that sometimes we may not have the money to give actual gifts. Like myself. Being self employed I don't always have the extra funds. So, I am a giver of things that I make with my hands. Which I need to do more of. I have taken a seat back at doing this. Thinking that the receiver may not like it. But sometimes, God puts us in the position to give, for His glory. You just never know who may need to experience a wave a God's love through us. And in doing so we create another aspect of positive vibes in our lives and into the world. 
Here are some Ideas that you can try to brighten someones day.